Debt Management Solutions


Debt solutions

There are many debt solutions and other ways to resolve debt difficulties, and any other solution may not help with your particular position, or be available in your kingdom.
In this section we talk about each of the debt solutions that we suggest as a part of our service.

Arranging payment with creditors


Arranging repayments yourself will provide you with respiratory space.

Bankruptcy helps clear unmanageable debts but has serious implications.

Debt Arrangement theme (DAS)

A debt payment programs helps you create cheap payments to your debts.

Debt consolidation involves taking out new credit to pay off existing debts.

Debt management plan (DMP)

A DMP helps you repay debts by creating lower monthly payments.

Debt relief order (DRO)

A DRO will write off debts if you have got a low income and few assets.

Minimal Assets method (MAP)

A MAP bankruptcy offers you a opportunity by writing off unmanageable debts.

Releasing equity from your home

Release cash occupied in your home to assist repay your debts.

Remortgaging to pay off debt

Remortgaging will free liberate cash or equity in your home.

Selling assets to pay debts

Help reduce your debts by marketing your assets.

Surrendering your property

If you cannot afford your mortgage, handing the keys back could be an option.

Use a payment of cash to pay back your creditors.

Scottish bankruptcy writes off debts that you cannot repay in a affordable time but has serious implications.

Temporary repayment plan

Making temporary, reduced payments to your creditors will provide you breathing space.

A trust deed lets you make reduced payments to your debts over a fixed length of your time.

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